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What are the messages or commands SIP uses?

+6 votes
What are the messages or commands SIP uses?
posted Nov 25, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

List of basic SIP commands -

INVITE : Invites a user to a call
ACK : Acknowledgement is used to facilitate reliable message exchange for INVITEs.
BYE : Terminates a connection between users
CANCEL : Terminates a request, or search, for a user. It is used if a client sends an INVITE and then changes its decision to call the recipient.
OPTIONS : Solicits information about a server's capabilities.
REGISTER : Registers a user's current location
INFO : Used for mid-session signaling

answer Nov 25, 2013 by Sanketi Garg
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As we know, when a session is established between two user agents i.e. UAC (User Agent Client) and UAS (User Agent Server), known as Dialog in SIP terminology. I read that a SIP user agent client can trigger INVITE message towards user agent server in an already established session. This scenario is known as "re-invite" but I am unable to think the case in which it happens.

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