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Can i get the complete idea of working of rrc connection establishment

+4 votes

I am new to lte and started reading rrc spec, so finding problem in understanding the spec directly so any one give reference site to start .

posted Nov 7, 2013 by anonymous

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Not sure what you are looking for, but check this PPT should be helpful to you.

I would say join the QueryHome and follow LTE. Asking and answering is the best way to learn.

1 Answer

+2 votes

Yes understanding spec initially is difficult But we have to do it after some basic understanding from other source.
Read from different sites and blogs so many useful information is there.
for RRC connection establishment i made an article by referring book and spec you can go through it ...and participate in query home and ask ur doubts...

answer Nov 7, 2013 by Sachidananda Sahu
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Which message EnodeB will communicate to MME after Receiving the Reestablishment Complete message from UE. what else messages will transverse between EnodeB and MME, before sending Reconfiguration message to UE from EnodeB after Reestablishment complete message has been received at EnodeB.

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During attach procedure, UE sends "Attach Request" along with "RRC Connection Setup Complete", eNodeB sends "Attach Accept" along with "RRC Connection Reconfiguration then why UE does not send "Attach Complete" along with "RRC Connection Reconfiguration Complete" message ? What could be the reason for defining the messages so ?