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Best Rail Server

+2 votes

I want to deploy my website sort of chat website. I am expecting more than 50K online users at it's peak time. I don't want to compromise on optimization and page speed and don't want user to wait too long for page to load.

Any one suggest me best hosting for RAILS, some comparison and contrast are highly appreciated.
I have found heroku,amazon and bluehost are good to host in ROR. But which one is more stable in my scenerio?

posted Nov 5, 2013 by Meenal Mishra

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2 Answers

+1 vote

I think Heroku is a good option. I worked with Heroku and Rails and the performance is excelent. The only problem is the pricing, but if you will have 50K users I think that is not a problem for your system.

Heroku is an amazon system, if you use Amazon you should set the OS too, this is an heroku benefit for me., with "git push" you have all the system online in few minutes.

answer Nov 5, 2013 by Kumar Mitrasen
If you are on Heroku, unless you pay big money and even then you are paying far more than you need to for sub-par performance.
+1 vote

First off, there is no "best" as in it will be the best for everyone, every situation, etc., etc., etc.

Most of my experience is using AWS, and while it does work well, it can also be a major pain. Heroku is dead easy, of course, but suffers from performance issues sometimes. I’m not sure if you can throw enough money at Heroku to make it better.

Your best bet, really, is to take a step away from the decision that you must choose one and only one provider. If you develop your deployment to be disposable at the drop of a hat, immutable, and so on, then you’ll also generally be able to pick up and move hosts at a moment’s notice as well, and thus be able to respond faster to host downtimes and failures.

answer Nov 5, 2013 by Anderson
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I'm wonder how most people securely connect to a Postgres database on a server separate from the app server.

The ActiveRecord docs for a MySQL connection have explicit SSL options, whereas with Postgres it seems one would pass SSL options as documented for libpq.

However a quick Googling returns SO threads with suggestions to use SSH tunnels. Which I guess could be managed with something like AutoSSH.

I'd love to hear from others. Is one method faster than the other, or easier to maintain?

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Is there any possibility to convert the Rails application to exe file? if so please suggest me the solution or provide the link.

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I have developed rails application in rails-2.3.8, ruby-1.9.2, mysql, wamp server with windowsxp platform.
Please help me to deploy it and also tell me how to host it after deployed?

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