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How can I configure my LAMP server to run a rail based application?

+1 vote
How can I configure my LAMP server to run a rail based application?
posted Jan 21, 2014 by Salil Agrawal

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Can anyone help me to run a rails application in a LAMP or WAMP server?

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Is there any possibility to convert the Rails application to exe file? if so please suggest me the solution or provide the link.

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How to work my application events to store in google calendar. Is this possible. any good links are available to do this.

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I have developed rails application in rails-2.3.8, ruby-1.9.2, mysql, wamp server with windowsxp platform.
Please help me to deploy it and also tell me how to host it after deployed?

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I am using contact and gdata gem to import contact from gmail in my rails app and it is working great on local system.

When I deploy it to heroku and try to import my contacts app just give an error and also send a suspicious message to my email that account access from some unexpected place.

Do I need to register my app on google or some configuration is to be done

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