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Is nas security mandatory procedure while doing attach ?

0 votes

Is nas security mandatory procedure while doing attach ?

posted Dec 1, 2020 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

NAS integrity is mandatory, NAS ciphering is optional

answer Jul 11, 2021 by Raj
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Does NAS messages affected while doing Hand over procedure in LTE or 5G ?

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In which cases/scenarios, an UE would maintain multiple active NAS connection with the different serving networks ?

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Uplink NAS transport message is used between eNodeB and MME to pass NAS messages between UE and MME transparently.
Since eNodeB has already communicated TAI and E-CGI as part of "Initial UE message" and MME knows current serving (cell and tai ) of UE then why both IEs are mandatory in Uplink NAS transport. I think it should be optional and it should be included in the message when there is a change in serving (cell or tai or both).