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How Does 5G CN handles multiple QOS flow in single PDU Session?

0 votes
How Does 5G CN handles multiple QOS flow in single PDU Session?
posted 4 days ago by Akhilesh
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How the PDU session to QOS flow to DRB mapping handled and which IEs in the relevant protocol stacks facilitate the multiplexing and demultiplexing these sessions/flows?

Thanks for your help

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URLLC s marked as ultr reliable and packet loss is minimum.

As far as i saw MAC HARQ/ RLC ARQ is same in NR, then how it gives ultra reliable for only these type of communication?

Does RAN provide any special handling for these devices interms of ultra reliable?

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In LTE we have SF based scheduling but in 5G they have introduced slot based scheduling ,how does this impact MAC ?

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