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How RAN handles URLLC?

+1 vote

URLLC s marked as ultr reliable and packet loss is minimum.

As far as i saw MAC HARQ/ RLC ARQ is same in NR, then how it gives ultra reliable for only these type of communication?

Does RAN provide any special handling for these devices interms of ultra reliable?

posted Jan 24 by Jaganathan

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For E.g

RLC polled the status PDU to receiver (polled till seq No . 16 ) and transmits the other sequence PDU (Seq No 17 ..).

But receiver didnt respond the polling PDU , Now transmitter wants to transmit polling PDU again. In this case will transmitter include Polling of Sequence no.16 or the latest sequence number sent after last polling.

+2 votes

There are possibility that paging can be missed at UE side, did they have any provision to handle this at RAN side? can they re transmit it ?

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How last serving gNB sends paging message to UE when UE in RRC Inactive state?Because UE will be moving across gNB while inactive and how RAN based paging works in this scenario?

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  1. If DTCH (AM & UM) and DCCH (AM) are being scheduled (Tx opportunity) by MAC, So does 'same TBS is notified' to both entities (AM & UM) after knowing BO from all AM, UM and TM entity or it gets distributed among them?
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