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Counters in Diameter accounting

+4 votes

Maybe I'm missing something but it seems like RFC 6733 does not define AVPs used to convey counter information (for volume accounting) to the accounting server.

Does this mean that one can adopt for Diameter accounting application: :
- Acct-input/output-octets from RFC 2866 (Rad standard acct attributes)?
- Or cc-input/output/total-octets from RFC 4006?
- Or custom defined counters?

posted Oct 21, 2013 by Majula Joshi

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2 Answers

+1 vote
Best answer

6733 is base Diameter (obsoleting 3588), does't define application specific AVPs. Depending on the application, you will have additional AVPs defined. So if you are looking at Credit-Control application, you will get additional AVPs in 4006 - or 3GPP defined AVPs in Ro or other interfaces.

answer Nov 5, 2013 by Rathnakumar Kayyar
+1 vote

You can reuse RADIUS attributes as such with Diameter.
Try to see RFC6733 Section 4.1.

answer Oct 22, 2013 by Ahmed Patel
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I am working on Authentication and Accounting open source implementation for my product.

I am willing to use your open source Diameter implementation for Authentication and Accounting purpose in my Software but like to know support policy of open diameter.

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CDMA2000 uses Radius for all AAA.
3GPP uses GTP' for accounting in both UMTS and LTE but (afaik) uses Diameter for accounting in IMS.
What is the rationale behind this?

+1 vote

I am designing a seagull scenario look like:

Client --------------- Server
--- CER -->
<-- CEA --- --- AAR --> // the first session
<-- AAA --- --- AAR -->
<-- AAA -- <-- RAR -- --- RAA -->
--- STR -->
<-- STA -- --- AAR --> // the second session
<-- AAA -- <-- RAR -- --- RAA -->
--- STR -->
<-- STA --

But in the second call, we saw an message in log "Expected AAR when receiving RAA.." . If we make the second call scenario same as the first call, (two AAR\AAA and one RAR/RAA) it was passed.

So that the question is "Is there any ways to control seagull flow as the scenario that we expected? "

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we are getting a good amount of "DIAMETER_INVALID_AVP_VALUE" errors in our network, can anyone please share what will be the possible causes of the same.

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Is it possible that MCC MNC gets changed in the same Diameter session without changing session ID while in Roaming???
As I have come to across an unsupported scenario when some users are roaming in Iceland operator MCC MNC and suddenly switch to different operator MCC MNC which belongs to the USA within the same DCCA session i.e without closing the PDP context and opening a new one (that should not be possible, unsupported scenario). Is it possible??? I'm confused here.

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