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How UE know the channel is Dedicated or Common?

+4 votes
How UE know the channel is Dedicated or Common?
posted Oct 21, 2013 by Giri Prasad

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1 Answer

+1 vote

In LTE point of view, UE know based on messages .
Suppose if UE sends RRC Connection Request then it knows that it will go through CCCH channel.
If Ue sends RRC Connection Setup Complete then it knows that it will pass througj DCCH channel.

answer Oct 21, 2013 by Neeraj Mishra
I am asking in UMTS not in LTE.
Hi Giri Prasad,

Can you please elaborate your question...
as per my understanding of your questions
If your question is
Q) How UE know SCH ,CCPCH and CPICH are common channels and DPDCH, DPCCH are Dedicated channels ..?
ans) SCH , CCPCH and CPICH are Cell specified common channels and DPDCH and DPDCH are UE specific Dedcated channels

If your question is
Q)How UE will know received HS-SCCH is Dedicated for UE or not ..?
Ans) If UE is in CELL_FACH state then UE will assigned with common HRNTI, If NodeB wants to send some data then it will send HS SCCH masked with C-HRNTI, if UE is in CELL_DCH state then  nodeB will send the data by masking with UE specific HRNTI this info will inform to UE by RRC conection Req.

If your question is other than these please explain your question in detail

Sambasiva M
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