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what is the difference between DTX and DRX?

0 votes
what is the difference between DTX and DRX?
posted Feb 19 by Poonam

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1 Answer

0 votes

Hi Poonam,


This state is to finalize the data is not received at either side(UE,eNB). Here data can be from any channels like PDSCH/PDCCH/PUCCH/PUSCH. if eNB/UE is not able to decode the data or CRC error means it is NACK. but if eNB/UE is not even able to receive or see the data means then it is DTX.


In this case eNB/UE will be in OFF and ON combination for battery saving purpose.

DTX is data loss or no transmission. DRX is purposeful sleep combination.

answer Feb 20 by Jaganathan
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