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Can we configure the SPS and DRX during CA Scell addition?

+3 votes

If this is possible then How UE handles it. Will these configuration should be same as PCELL occasion or it can be different?

posted Feb 12 by Himani

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1 Answer

0 votes

Hi Hinmani,

SPS is mostly implemented for Voice call But CA service is implemented for NGBR bearer offloading. So if eNB activates CA then it will offload default bearer to Scell (Most of the eNB implementation says). With all this restriction eNB will not activate the SPS in Scell
Specification doesn't restrict this, eNB free to offload any service to Scell..

But DRX can be activated in Scell,This should be in sync with Pcell, otherwise UE battery consumption will be more If all the serving cell Falls in different ON duration.

answer Feb 13 by Jaganathan
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