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radioResource config dedicated

0 votes
radioResource config dedicated
posted Nov 25, 2019 by Ganeshan Kasi

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0 votes

There is a scenario where UE is having a default bearer and request for a dedicated bearer (lets say UE want to trigger a Data Call). As per my understanding:

UE sends Service Request + Bearer resource allocation.
After receiving Initial UE MSG .. the MME initiates activation of the default bearer with the S-GW/P-GW by sending the GTPv2 modify bearer request message to the S-GW.
Once MME receives the Modify Bearer response from SGW. MME will send "Bearer Resource command to SGW >>PWG.
Then PGW will trigger Create bearer request for Dedicated bearer establishment.
My query is why MME send modify bearer request to activate default bearer as already the UE was having default bearer.. Please correct me.
Sambit Routray

0 votes

In LTE , after successful completion of attach-process , i want to fail the dedicated radio bearer , which is initiated by PGW ,what is the procedure to fail the dedicated radio bearer

0 votes

In LTE the default bearer for the selected APN will always be there, even when the UE goes to idle.
Whatabout 5g ? Which DRB is mapped to default bearer ? I mean which DRB (mapped to which QOS flow and which PDU session)will be acting like default bearer in LTE.

Sorry I haven't digged into all the specs yet. But thought will be get some nice hints here before I try to do that

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