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What is the use of RLC mode and PDCP SN IE in SgNB addition acknowledgment message?

0 votes
What is the use of RLC mode and PDCP SN IE in SgNB addition acknowledgment message?
posted Nov 22, 2019 by Jaganathan

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1 Answer

0 votes

Hi Jaganathan,

This is to indicated the source eNB about target eNB supported modes and SN length.
If the requested RLC mode is not supported by target eNB then it indicates the changes in this IE.

answer Dec 4, 2019 by Dheerendra
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In case of "SGNB ADDITION REQUEST", how to know the split bearers are configured from the message contents ?

I am talking about the spec 36.423 v15.3.0 Section,
The High level message has the following contents:
"ERABs To Be Added List" and the "MeNB to SgNB Container" (of type "CG-ConfigInfo" defined in 38.331 RRC specs).

There are two types of split bearers, MN terminated and SN terminated. Will they be defined within "ERABs To Be Added List" OR
"CG-ConfigInfo" IE ?

I was thinking within "ERABs To Be Added List" but may be I am wrong..

Any help with wireshark also is very helpful ?

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For E.g

RLC polled the status PDU to receiver (polled till seq No . 16 ) and transmits the other sequence PDU (Seq No 17 ..).

But receiver didnt respond the polling PDU , Now transmitter wants to transmit polling PDU again. In this case will transmitter include Polling of Sequence no.16 or the latest sequence number sent after last polling.

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During re-establishment/HO transmitter RLC (NR) will give the information about last succesfull sent SN to PDCP . But in LTE - NR case how does LTE PDCP understands RLC NR status. Do we need to modify the LTE PDCP functionality to interoperable with NR?

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Does NR supports LTE PDCP context or How this is handled?

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