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SgNB Addition

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In case of "SGNB ADDITION REQUEST", how to know the split bearers are configured from the message contents ?

I am talking about the spec 36.423 v15.3.0 Section,
The High level message has the following contents:
"ERABs To Be Added List" and the "MeNB to SgNB Container" (of type "CG-ConfigInfo" defined in 38.331 RRC specs).

There are two types of split bearers, MN terminated and SN terminated. Will they be defined within "ERABs To Be Added List" OR
"CG-ConfigInfo" IE ?

I was thinking within "ERABs To Be Added List" but may be I am wrong..

Any help with wireshark also is very helpful ?

posted Jan 10, 2019 by Pdk

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