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What You Need to Know About E-commerce Sites and POS Systems

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If you’re running an eCommerce store, you’ve probably heard of the option to use POS on your site; but what’s all the fuss about? Is a POS system really such an asset to your eCommerce store? What does it do that your merchant payment options don’t already? Here’s everything you need to know about eCommerce sites and POS systems and why you should utilize one of these amazing tools on your own site.

ECommerce and POS Go Together

There’s often a misconception that POS systems are strictly for brick and mortar locations. While POS systems certainly operate in brick and mortar locations, they can also integrate incredibly well with eCommerce sites to provide an easier payment processing solution for online merchants.

Ecommerce sites can benefit from the inventory management tools, payment integration tools, and other management features of a modern POS system. You’ll be able to run a more efficient website overall; making a POS system truly a necessity for your site. If you’ve never thought about using one of these systems on your eCommerce site, consider the following features that can truly revolutionize the way you do business.


Inventory Mangement Has Never Been Easier

POS systems take the pain and stress out of inventory management. This can be a stressful and often confusing process, especially if you have multiple people performing the counts. Information is often misinterpreted or confused, and manual counts are prone to error. Not to mention, with certain software, it can be nearly impossible to synchronize in-store and online inventory numbers.

A POS system will eliminate the stress and worry of your old inventory system. With all of your inventory stored and managed in one software program, you’ll have no trouble synchronizing (accurate) numbers on both your online store and your brick and mortar location(s). This makes keeping track of products and ensuring your customers’ favorite items are in stock is simple; with easy to use, intuitive software at your fingertips.

Many POS systems update inventory in real-time, so no matter what time of day you’re accessing the system, your counts will always be accurate.


Unify Online and Offline Operations

Unifying your in-store and online operations is essential for greater efficiency. You can’t exactly run two businesses at once without some difficulty, so any aspect that you can unify will benefit you greatly. A POS system will unify payment processing methods, inventory management, and even stock ordering. Many POS systems can integrate directly with third-party software such as Quickbooks, so even your budgeting and taxation software will be updated on a daily basis.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to run an eCommerce store without the right tools. POS systems can help you improve your marketing efforts as well, making your business more effective at retaining the loyalty of your current customers and attracting new ones.

Once you unify your operations across all platforms, you’ll find that your business runs smoother and there’s less confusion (and work) all around. You’ll have more time to address other aspects of your business, such as connecting with customers and expanding your operations.


Accept More Payment Methods

The more payment methods your online store can accept, the more customers you’ll have access to. People like to pay in specific ways for goods and services, so as an eCommerce store, it’s important that you cater to as many of these payment methods as possible; so you can have access to a wider customer base.

If you’re only accepting credit card payments, you’re already falling behind in the payment processing trends. While credit cards are still one of the most widely-used payment options, there are dozens of other payment methods available, and new ones are created every year.


An All-In-One Management Solution

Essentially, a POS system is your all-in-one business management solution. From inventory management to payment processing, POS systems make managing your online store easier, more efficient and unify operations across all platforms.

Whether you’re running one website or several, or have a brick and mortar location to accompany your website, your business can truly benefit from a modern POS solution. Don’t take the risk of managing your inventory manually, or using an outdated POS system, when there are literally dozens of POS options available for eCommerce stores.

If you’re looking for a new POS system, start with brands like Vend, Shopify, or Square that already have a reputation for excellence in the POS market. The best POS software is just a click away!


The Take-Away

Even the best of managers need help sometimes. With a modern POS system, you’ll have access to the best technology on the market and a 24/7 support staff that’s ready to address any issues that may arise. Don’t leave your eCommerce store to the mercy of faulty and outdated merchant services; choose a POS system that can help you better organize and streamline your business operations.

posted Sep 23, 2019 by anonymous

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OpenCart is an open source e-commerce solution built on PHP that can be used to start online stores easily. OpenCart is feature rich, easy to use, search engine friendly and with a visually appealing interface can be used “out of the box” .

Open Cart is a unique open source shopping cart system. It is a secure e-commerce solution for online stores which provides you to set up your own online business and run your e-commerce cost-effectively. It can be used on any web server with PHP and MySQL running on it. Open Cart is available as free software as it’s specified in the GNU General Public License released in 2009.

It is a turn-key shopping cart solution. All you need is just to install Open Cart, select the template you like most, add your online store products and that’s all! Now you’re ready to start your business and accept orders. Open Cart has an order management as well as built in multiple payment gateways and moreover the developers provide lifetime free support and free software updates.

Among the obvious advantages of Open Cart we’d like to focus on the following ones:
Open Cart has open source; attached documentation; unlimited categories, products and manufacturers; it is templatable, multiple language, tax rates and currency along with product reviews, its ratings; downloadable products; automatic image resizing; unlimited information pages; built in discount coupon system; shipping weight calculation; module system; related products; backup & restore tools; sales reports and printable invoices. It is also SEO- friendly.

The built in template system helps you to switch easily between different templates or transport your website’s current look into Open Cart. Open Cart’s multi-store abilities allow you manage multiple stores using one admin interface. You can localize each store with a different default language, tax class and currency, choose the number of products that will appear at the specific stores, set different prices at each particular store and it also gives you a huge amount of other opportunities.

And beside that at Open Cart you can setup numerous tax zones thus you will have correct taxes are paid depending on the country which the goods are going to be paid from or shipped to. Above all it optimizes search and lets your pages be indexed by all main search engines and has support for custom product and category Meta tags.

Open Cart has also 3 types of reports:

o Sales Report - shows the total amount of sales per day, week or month.
o Products Viewed – shows the items that have been viewed most by customers.
o Products Purchased – shows the items that have been sold most. It will help you to create a marketing strategy aimed at increasing sales.

Open Cart has a lot of features to manage your online store as a B2B application:

o You can set different customers groups (for example default, retail or wholesale) and put different prices
for each group.
o Set the store to show products’ prices only to logged in customers
o Set discounts depending on the quantity of ordered stuff.

The customers at Open Cart don't have to sign up for an account; they can just enter minimum required details to process their order. Open Cart is an easy to use, well designed search engine friendly feature with an appealing interface. CartTuning team has a lot of Open Cart templates and modules to offer.


Electronic commerce
, commonly known as e-commerce or eCommerce, is a type of industry where the buying and selling of products or services is conducted over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. Electronic commerce draws on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI),inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems. Modern electronic commerce typically uses the World Wide Web at least at one point in the transaction's life-cycle, although it may encompass a wider range of technologies such as e-mail, mobile devices, social media, and telephones as well.
Block Diagram Of E-Commerece :
enter image description here
Working Of E-Commerce:
Step 1:
A customer enters an order on a merchant's website. The transaction information is instantly encrypted and transmitted to the e-Commerce secure server, which is linked via a dedicated, leased data line to the credit card authorization network. A dedicated data line means faster transaction times.

Step 2: The transaction information is sent by the e-Commerce secure server via leased data line to the credit card authorization network where the validity of the card is checked and the availability of funds on that account is verified. An authorization code is returned via leased data line to the e-Commerce secure server. The authorization is encrypted by the e-Commerce server and transmitted in encrypted form back to the web server of the merchant which in turn triggers the fulfillment process of the order.

Step 3: An e-mail receipt is sent to the customer and the merchant (either or both can be disabled at merchant's option). Within 48 - 72 hours the merchant receives the money.


When it comes to computer science, then Oracle is one of the biggest names in the industry, known for the development of the Java programming language. The company has managed to secure quite a reputation as it produces software that has made programming easier for a lot of users. Aside from just being a company that produces a variety of computer programs, Oracle is also known for offering many certifications related to computer science and IT. One of the most popular certificates that they offer is Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate alongside the relevant exam – 1Z0-071.

Exam details

The Oracle 1Z0-071 test is not going to be easy, but that doesn’t make it impossible. Before we move on, let us discuss the pattern of the exam. The first thing that you should know is that the test consists of multiple-choice questions. There are 73 questions in total, and you need to answer each and every one of the min 100 minutes. To pass the test, you need to ensure that you give a correct answer to at least 63% of the questions. Depending on your place of residence, the exam costs around $160.

There are many topics that form the structure of the Oracle 1Z0-071 exam, and they are listed below:

  • Manipulating Large Data Sets
  • Managing Schema Objects
  • Controlling User Access
  • Managing Objects with Data Dictionary Views
  • Creating Other Schema Objects
  • Using DDL Statements to Create and Manage Tables
  • Manipulating Data
  • Using the Set Operators
  • Using Subqueries to Solve Queries
  • Displaying Data from Multiple Tables
  • Reporting Aggregated Data Using the Group Functions
  • Using Conversion Functions and Conditional Expressions
  • Using Single Row Functions to Customize Output
  • Defining Table Joins
  • Restricting and Sorting Data
  • Using Basic Select Statements
  • Defining Select Statements
  • Using Data Manipulation Language and Transaction Control Language
  • Using Data Definition Language
  • Using Structured Query Language

How to prepare for the test?

If you wish to get your hands on this valuable certification, then you will need to work really hard. The Oracle 1Z0-071 exam is just like any other tests:you cannot hope to pass it if you do not take things seriously. If you have decided that you are going to take it, then it is advised that you are well-prepared, because if you earn this certificate, it can open new career paths for you.

So, even before you start preparing for the exam, you need to sit down and create the right timetable. There are so many topics to cover and the time is always limited, so scheduling is needed. Try to make this schedule a few months before the actual exam date, so that you have some spare time for revision. When it comes to the preparation for Oracle 1Z0-071, is it recommended that you start early to cover all topics.

After creating your preparation schedule, start surfing the Internet and look for as many study resources as you can find. This is a popular certification exam, so it should be quite easy for you to find the materials that can help you prepare for it. Oracle 1Z0-071 is not exactly new, and there are many people who have already taken the exam and passed it with flying colors. With so many experienced people, it is easy to create specialized online communities. And you are advised to contact at least one of them, as you will be able to get a lot of valuable insight from these sources. The members of online communities might also help you by sharing some other study materials that helped them in the past.

You should also search for study guides as they contain a lot of knowledge. Such guides are made specifically for the respective exam preparation course. Therefore, if you find one of the Oracle 1Z0-071 study guides, then it will only contain relevant information pertaining to this exam.

If you want to polish your skills, then you should take a look at a few practice tests. These mock exams will make you feel that you are sitting a real exam and that will really help you in your preparation. When you are solving a practice test, pay attention to the time limit, because without time management you will not be able to finish the actual exam. With the help of practice tests, you can understand your current progress, so that you can start focusing on the areas where you lack confidence.

Don’t try to memorize any of the practice questions because they won’t be repeated. Just pay attention to the overall pattern of the questions as that remains the same. You can easily evaluate yourself by checking the final score of your practice tests.

Who should pass this certification exam?

Whenever you talk about a certain credential, the first question that people usually ask is why should they get it. Well, as far as the Oracle 1Z0-071 certification exam is concerned, the answer is simple. If you are a developer, irrespective of what programming language you use, you are recommended to earn this credential. All you need is just basic knowledge of SQL, and you are good to go. Oracle 1z0-071 Practice Test is a very powerful tool, and if you learn it properly, then it can open up new avenues in your career. Having SQL in addition to other programming languages in your CV can help you apply for the job positions that offer higher salaries.

Oracle is a reputable organization and it doesn’t just give away certificates to everyone. In order to pass the 1Z0-071 certification exam, you need to be prepared for every possible question. You need to practice a lot, work hard, and make sure that you know everything about SQL.


Knowing these details and tips will help you pass the Oracle 1Z0-071 certification exam. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular certificates provided by this company. If you are someone who is interested in programming and SQL in particular, then you should take this exam. Even if you don’t pass it on the first try, you will still learn a lot in the process.Plus,Oracle always allows you to try again and get the credential.

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