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What is the use of ASN encoding and decoding ?

0 votes
What is the use of ASN encoding and decoding ?
posted Jul 23, 2019 by Bharat Kumar

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Have anyone used any opensource compiler for encoding and decoding of S1Ap/ X2Ap message as it uses PER aligned version

+2 votes

As per standard we use ASN Encoding and Decoding format to make our code platform independent and language independent.

In case of LTE RRC- We use unaligned PER and for S1/X2 we use aligned PER ...

Is there any specific reason for different ASn Encoding/Decoding format we have used ???

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How ASN.1 Decoder indicate the presence or absence of an optional field in RRC message? for example in SystemInformationBlockType1 how we figured out if p-Max is presence or not?

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