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How UE connected with eNB in 5G. Does UE connected to gNB CU or gNB DU?

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How UE connected to gNB in 5G. gNB split into 2 parts, gNB CU and gNB DU. So to which part UE will connect to?

posted Jun 18, 2019 by anonymous

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I was going through the security specification of 5G network and stopped at a point where it was mentioned that UE shall support integrity protection of user data along with the integrity protection of RRC and NAS-Signalling. Section also mentions that integrity protection of the user data between UE and gNB is optional to use.
I want to know that for which cases/scenarios, it would be needed to enable integrity protection for user data between UE and gNB ?
Enabling both integrity and ciphering for the user data would be an overhead, therefore I started thinking about scenarios/cases.

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How gNB connected to 5G core network. GNB split into 2 parts. gNB CU and gNB DU, so which part will connected to 5G core network?

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