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Share few parameters in RRC connection setup?

0 votes
Share few parameters in RRC connection setup?
posted Jun 18, 2019 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

Though it's a huge list of parameters, but i will try to find out some key parameters being shared.

value DL-CCCH-Message . message cl :
rrcConnectionSetup : rlc-Config explicitVaIue :
ul-AN-RLC t-PoIIRetransmit msIOO,
pollPDLl plnfinity, p0118yte k8infinity,
maxRetxThreshoId t16 di -AN-RLC t-Reordering ms50, t
-StatusProhibit msO logicalChanneIConfig defaultVaIue : NULL
mac-MainConfig explicitVaIue :
u I-SCH-Config maxHARQ-
Tx n5, periodic8SR-Timer infinity,
retx8SR-Timer sf320,
tti8undIing FALSE

cqi -ReportConfig cqi-ReportModeAperiodic rm30,
nomposcH-Rs-EPRE-offset O,
cqi-reportPeriodic setup .
cqi-PLlCCH-ResourceIndex 6, cqi-pmi-ConfigIndex 37,
ue-TransmitAntennaSeIection release : NULL schedulingRequestConfig setup : sr-PLlCCH-ResourceIndex 18,
sr-ConfigIndex 33, dsr-TransMax n16

answer Jun 19, 2019 by Sushant Bose
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