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What is "dual 4G", and what is "dual VoLTE"?

–1 vote
What is "dual 4G", and what is "dual VoLTE"?
posted Jun 17 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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As the name suggest , your phone's SIM card can have dual 4G connectivity. few years back if you can remember smartphone came up with 2 card slot, in which one slot SIM will be of 4G connectivity, and other one will be in 2G/3G spectrum. Some UE chip vendors like QC, Media Tek, came up with new mobile chips in which your both SIM card slot sim can have 4G connectivity.

answer Jun 18 by Sushant Bose
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Based on my understanding, the concept of phantom cell was proposed by DOCOMO and the concept of dual connectivity was proposed by 3GPP. In phantom cell, control- and user-plane are split. Specifically, control plane is maintained in marcocell and user plane is maintained in small cell. However, in dual connectivity, both control and data plane are maintained in marcocell and only user plane is maintained in small cell. Is it right?

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Hi what are the customer facing KPI for 3G and LTE ? Means how to check the customer experience for 3G and 4G users ?

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