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Someone is moving my files somewhere by using dropbox. How do i see whos doing it and how did they access me.

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Someone is moving my files and I don't know who it was or how they did it.

posted May 17 by anonymous

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I need to access ClearQuest programatically using Perl. I just found ClearQuest OSLC REST API. Client is planning to use ClearQuest web 7.1.1. I read that it comes with OSLC REST API out the box.
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I use several Microsoft Access databases on a regular basis to create reports. To get the source data, I currently have to log in to SAP BW (via SAP NetWeaver), run the source data report, export the results as a .csv file (but actually saving it as a .txt file), and then import that file into Microsoft Access. Is there a way that I can have Access pull the data from SAP BW directly?

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