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If UE is in band scan then ue how to set the received all frequency?

0 votes

UE is in band scan then ue how to set the received all frequency?

posted Apr 1 by Dependra Dev

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During preamble transmission, how devices choose the frequency band in PRACH for preamble transmission?

If they choose the frequency in PRACH randomly, then there can be the chance of sub-channel(frequency band to send preamble) collision. If above statement is true then how many devices can send the preamble at a random access time slot?

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For example. While a WhatsApp call. It is possible to change from Band 4 AWS to band 28 700 MHz APT?

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In LTE, while UE makes an RRC Connection attempt and in the followed by procedures, if S1AP: Initital Context Setup Request is BLOCKED from MME to eNB, then what eNB should do ideally?

Should it do UE context release, if Initial Context Setup Request message is not received at aNB?

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