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Why can't you play minecraft story mode season 2 on the oneplus 6t

0 votes
Why can't you play minecraft story mode season 2 on the oneplus 6t
posted Mar 3, 2019 by Redstonehair

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I have Micromax Unite 4 Pro Q465, and using in India. upgraded to 5.1
I cant see Enhanced 4G LTE mode under the Cellular Networks.
I already checked "*#4636#*#*, its showing already ON (Turn off Volte provisioned flag)

What can I do to enable Enhanced 4G?

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why ue cant transmit on PUCCH and PUSCH simulteneously

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So I wanted to remove libimobiledevices since I *though* I was the one who'd installed it and it was no longer needed (I'm ditching the iPod).

I typed
sudo yum remove blahblah

where blahblah was the actual package name for libimobiledevices.

All of a sudden, I saw it removing all sorts of stuff I didn't want to: blueman, banshee, empathy, etc. It then dropped me to a terminal screen where it had started blueman again. It stayed there.

Finally, I restarted the computer and it only starts at runlevel 3 (non-graphical mode). I have to log in and type startx every time to bring up the desktop. BUT, it only automatically starts GNOME3 and not
XFCE. I also have no way to select XFCE as I no longer get the login screen in graphical mode. It just starts the desktop.

How can I fix this? Did I just do something that will require me to reinstall my system?

Oh, I also tried to do

sudo yum install libimobiledevices and it told me that it was already installed.

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