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When are the scenarios in which RACH procedure fails ?

0 votes
When are the scenarios in which RACH procedure fails ?
posted Feb 27 by Vandana B

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1 Answer

+1 vote

Hi Vandana,

Possible RACH failures are

  1. RAR timer exoires
  2. RAP ID mismatch
  3. CRM timer expires.
  4. Preamble MAX transmission
answer Feb 28 by Jaganathan
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At handover time target ENB will give rach preamble to UE. Is it necessary that target ENB is to be sink with source ENB. How UE will do contention free rach when both or not in sink? Is their any case Contention free rach will fail?

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Actually i am trying to learn RACH procedures and getting lots of hurdles to understand. I am posting my queries whatever is coming to my mind so that i will get the descriptive answers. I hope someone will help me here to learn it. Thanks in advance.

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