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When NAS security mode fails, which procedure should we follow?

0 votes
When NAS security mode fails, which procedure should we follow?
posted May 20, 2019 by Narasimha K

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Does NAS affected while doing HO procedure ? if affected, which NAS messages ?

+1 vote

I was looking into NAS header. First four bits are used for security header type. Few values I understood but one value I could not understand which was 1100 saying "security header for service request message". I could not understand why such thing is defined only for service request message not for the other messages ?

+3 votes

I am not able to find NAS Recovery message as such in 24.301 spec. Some weblink has talked about NAS recovery but I could not any reference in specification.
Would someone like to put some comment on this topic ?

+2 votes

In attach request, UE sends UE network capability which contains the list of security algorithms can be used to enable security between UE and network node. My question is, when UE already knows its supported algorithms then why MME resend the same list of security algorithm to UE in security mode command ? What would be the reasoning behind it ?

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