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If ENB doesn't support Xn interface, Is it possible to have Dual connectivity with NR?

+1 vote
If ENB doesn't support Xn interface, Is it possible to have Dual connectivity with NR?
posted Jan 29, 2019 by Akhilesh

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1 Answer

0 votes

Hi ,

As per my understanding there is a possibility that dual connectivity ca exist with packet split. i.e SGW split.
All the signalling happens via MME to both eNB and gNB.
Based on this without Xn interface still you can have NR dual connectivity with LTE

answer Feb 1, 2019 by Jaganathan
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In Release14/15 for to support Dual Connectivity Xn user plane interface was introduced.
which is similar to S5(PGW <=> SGW)/S1(eNB <=> SGW) interface means GTP-u over UDP.

In 36.425 Xn has status report which lost packet range with start and last packet. What is the significance of having those in status report?

Does MeNB Xn has to re-transmit lost packets over Xu?
Or Also in Xn status report we have "Highest successful delivered PDCP seqence number", how SeNB Xn will get the PDCP sequence number while sending the status report?

If SeNB Xn has to send feedback report at interval it has to send?

Could anyone please clarify the above queries.

+2 votes

While digging into 5G NR dual connectivity, ( and as you are aware that it is based on LTE dual connectivity). I want to learn a bit about how LTE put the foundation for this feature to come towards 5g.

I want to read the LTE architecture specs related to dual connectivity.
I donot have much RAN background in LTE. Could somebody from this background give me some quick hints, to look into which 3gpp TS or TR to understand some basics.

Btw there is 3GPP TS 36.401 doesnot have much info it looks like.

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Bearer split works if same SGW serving MeNB and SeNB. But if two different SGW is serving then is it possible to have bearer split?

+1 vote

How was deployment scenario for Dual Connectivity. When MeNB should trigger SCG bearer or split bearer?

+1 vote

which type of rach is used for senb in dual connectivity? Please give the reference if possible.

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