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SGW: What is the role of serving gateway in LTE network ?

0 votes

For me, the role of SGW is packet forwarding w.r.t user plane ? Is it possible MME interacts with PGW directly ?

posted Jan 19 by Vikram Singh

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1 Answer

+1 vote

The S-GW is the anchor point in the user plane between different 3GPP access networks. It can shield interfaces within the 3GPP network towards different access networks. The S-GW functions as a gateway for the EPC and terminates the interface towards E-UTRAN. The S-GW provides the following functions:

  • Local mobility anchor point for inter-eNodeB handovers
  • Assistance of the eNodeB reordering function during inter-eNodeB handovers by sending one or more "end marker" packets to the source eNodeB immediately after switching the path
  • ECM-IDLE mode downlink packet buffering and initiation of paging triggered on the E-UTRAN
  • Packet routing and forwarding
  • Transport level packet marking in the uplink and the downlink (DSCP)
  • Accounting based on the user and QCI granularity for inter-operator charging
answer Jan 21 by Amr_elsawi
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