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5G: What is the role of session management function in 5G network core ?

+2 votes
5G: What is the role of session management function in 5G network core ?
posted Jun 9, 2018 by Harshita

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1 Answer

0 votes

Session Management Function (SMF) has a part of SGW and PGW from LTE-EPC. It is mainly resposinble for session establishment, modification and release. It allocates IP address to UE and configures the UPF to meet promised QoS to UE and also does traffic steering.

answer Jun 17, 2018 by Vimal Kumar Mishra
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If I compare SMFs of the 5G network against the SGWs of LTE network then what would be criteria of SMF selection in AMF ?
In the LTE network, MME selects SGW for an UE based on the location of eNodeB so that it can minimize frequent change of SGW due to mobility.

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I just know the about of term SDN i.e Software Defined Network which is used to configure white box switches at the run time.
I want to know how SDN can be used to for LTE network and where all places it can do something.

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In LTE network, UE registers with network using attach procedure. MME supports couple of states such as EMM-REGISTERED, EMM-DEREGISTERED to maintain the status of UE registration. I want to know that how network registration is being implemented at 5G core ? Is it as same as LTE network EMM states ?

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