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Recommended Bit rate in LTE MAC header

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What is the use of "Recommended Bit rate" in LTE MAC header ?

My another Q is can MAC restrict data rate per Bearer /or logical channel if they are mapped to same Physical channel..I guess yes :)
But i have not been working on LTE Radio, so obviously need some expert opinion before discuss with legacy radio experts ?

posted Jan 15, 2019 by Pdk

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It looks like this ensures the GBR rate for the dedicated bearer. (I am sorry asking about these now, eventhough I read about LTE radio, but I have forgotten , not in touch with radio for long)

But I was checking, a mechanism, where UE RRC can enforce the Max UL data rate per logical channel level. I don't think this can be used. Looks like we need to enforce this in the eNodeB MAC scheduler. (like we do the UL MBR enforcement for the dedicated bearers). Any comments will be greatly helpful