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How PGW reconfigures default bearer if it supports multiple APN?

+2 votes

If single PGW supports multiple APN , UE attached with an APN (say Browser APN )and UE is requesting an new APN (Say for call service )which is supported by same PGW. How PGW reconfigures the default bearer? Will it use same default bearer?

posted Jan 3 by Akhilesh

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1 Answer

+2 votes
Best answer

Good Question :)
PGW will open the internet Bearer with EPS Bearer ID = 5
and for the new APN/Service PGW will open it with EPS Bearer ID = 6
Both Bearers are Default Bearer but with different EPS Bearer IDs

Ahmed Magdy
BackOffice PS Core Network Engineer @ Ericsson.

answer Jan 3 by Ahmed Magdy
Hi Ahmed,

Why it creates two default bearer, if single PDN supports both service then it can flow the packets in single default bearer right?
Hi Ahmed,

You mean to sat that in this case the UE wll have two default bearers one is  for IMS and one is for Internet (as Two APNs) , do UE will have two IP addresses for same PGW?? is it possible ? .
Yes, it is possible. A single UE can connect to two APNs served by same PGW. For each APN connection, PGW assigns a different IP address.
Hello Akhilesh,
Because you mentioned you are using different APNs.
Different APNs = Different Bearers :)
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