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NVRAM related queries

+1 vote

I have below queries about NVRAM, Can someone please help in understanding this?

  1. Is NVRAM part of RAM or a separate hardware?
  2. Set value in NVRAM key can be changed by outside source?
  3. Considering NVRAM as part of RAM then buying new RAM is lot more cheaper than purchasing license for the product, If customer wants then they can change RAM and use product infinitely, Still most of the company/products depended on NVRAM, Why?
posted Dec 4, 2018 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Non-Volatile Random Access Memory." or NVRAM is a type of RAM that retains data after the host device's power is turned off. Its generally different hardware than RAM and used generally to store hardware settings that need to be maintained when the computer is shut down. The value of NVRAM can be changed by the external access (flash drive is also used as NVRAM in some cases).

Last part of the question is not clear...

answer Dec 28, 2018 by Salil Agrawal
Thanks, Last part of the question is, ... If NVRAM values can be changed externally then why companies uses NVRAM's to store license related information?
Not sure but there are two types of NVRAM in the market
SRAM - Common examples include the BIOS settings on Windows computers or the PRAM settings on Macintosh systems. SRAM typically uses a battery to retain memory, if the battery dies or is disconnected, the data stored in the SRAM will be lost.
EEPROM - stores data using electrical charges that maintain their state without electrical power and does not need a battery or other power source to retain data. The most common type of EEPROM is flash memory.

Not sure if NVRAM is used to store license related information...
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I am confused with all 32/64 bit architecture for Hardware/OS/Binary, Can someone please help in clarifying this queries?

  1. Of'course 64 bit hardware is faster than 32 bit, still there are people who prefer 32 bit over 64 bit hardware, Why so?
  2. If I have 32 bit Hardware then On that can I run 64 bit OS? (and vice versa)
  3. If I have a 64 bit Hardware and 32 bit OS then what will be the speed of my OS, as per 32 bit or as per 64 bit? (and vice versa)
  4. If I have 32 bit OS then can I run binary of 64 bit on that? (and vice versa)
  5. Is it necessary to compile binary with 32/64 bit both or we can compile with any and use it in both?
  6. Is the speed of the process also depends on type of binary that I have? For example, If I have 64 bit hardware and 64 bit OS but I have a binary which is compiled with 32 bit compiler then what will be the speed difference?

P.S. I know its basic and silly queries but lets clear now before it gets too late. :)

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As far as I know , to check for the amount of installed RAM on my centos server I checked it as:

#more /proc/meminfo

Can you please let me know how can I check for the instantaneous occupied amount of my RAM the similar way the task manager shows it on my Win server?

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