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How IT teams gets to know if i connect USB to my company laptop?

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Using USB port for pendrive/harddisk is prohibitted in our company and if we still connect then our IT team gets to know about it, Any idea how they get to know?
Note: Even if I am not connected to internet and if i use USB they gets to know.

posted Nov 18, 2018 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

There are tons of utilities which can do the tracking on office laptop upto the level of keypress.

Now coming to your question, windows maintains details on every USB device which connects to your PC, and when the last connection was made.

To view this for yourself, install a copy of OSForensics ( ), launch the program, and click Recent Activity > Scan. Select "Date" in the "Sort by" box, choose "USB" in the "Show Only" list and the program will show you every USB storage device which has ever been connected to your system.

answer Nov 19, 2018 by Salil Agrawal
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VirtualBox defaults to using the CDROM/DVD drive which is pretty worthless unless you have a supply of blanks, I don't have many on hand presently. I have been trying to make the USB function work without much success.

Googling suggests group/user problems, I have myself and root listed as vboxusers. The GUI has a USB menu which is always grayed, where I can create a filter, it recognizes the Sandisk flash drive when entered, I click on OK and nothing is saved apparently.

Now I've run across something in google that suggests an entry in fstab may be required? Has any one worked through this maze who can suggest how to make it work?

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