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What are color codes of USB wires?

+1 vote
posted Sep 16, 2017 by Azhar Keer

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1 Answer

0 votes

USB Cable has four wires inside of it — usually, it's a red, green, white, and black cord.
* Red color indicates the positive wire with 5 volts of DC power.
* Black has always been the ground wire in almost all electronic devices.
* White is the data as a "positive" wire, while
* Green is also for the data , but as the negative wire.

If USB cable has color combinations, like orange, blue, white, and green then -
* Orange is the positive, with 5 volts of power in the DC (direct current).
* White indicates a ground wire, meaning the negative wire.
* Blue corresponds to the negative data
* Green as the positive data.

answer Sep 18, 2017 by Salil Agrawal
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