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codepush automatic rollback doesn't occur in react-native android app?

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Update is installed but status is in pending on App Center. Since sync is alreday called , it won't rollback automatically and also not updating to newer version. The app crashes on startup everytime.

So how to rollback or update to new code push bundle version in this case ?

Here is the sample code:

componentDidMount() { 
codePush.sync(codePushOptions,(status) => {  
switch (status) {    
case codePush.SyncStatus.CHECKING_FOR_UPDATE:
//console.log("Checking for updates.");
case codePush.SyncStatus.DOWNLOADING_PACKAGE:
//console.log("Downloading package.");
case codePush.SyncStatus.INSTALLING_UPDATE:
//console.log("Installing update.");
case codePush.SyncStatus.UP_TO_DATE:
case codePush.SyncStatus.UPDATE_INSTALLED:         
throw new Error();

Note : I have thrown error to check working of auto rollback.

posted Nov 14, 2018 by anonymous

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