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LTE: What is the role of policy and charging rule function (PCRF) during the attach procedure ?

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LTE: What is the role of policy and charging rule function (PCRF) during the attach procedure ?
posted Oct 25, 2018 by Vikram Singh

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1 Answer

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Once the IP address is allocated by PGW ,it's PCRF who is in the charge to control the policies for the default bearer.
So first we will see what is policy ?
QOS is associated with another term known as Gating, which determine whether or not packet are allowed to travel through SDF. Each SDF is associated with Gate status, which can be either open or closed. Together Gating and QOS make a concept know as policy .
LTE uses 2 types of PCC rules
1- predefined pcc rules which are permanently stored by the network and are only referenced by the PCRF
2- dynamic pcc rules which the PCRF compose on the fly.
Each SDF(service data flow) is associated with one of these pcc rules and it's PCRF who decides which SDF will receive which PCC rules.
So in the attach procedure our motive is to establish a EPS session and to do so , PGW will send subscription profile (QOS profile)of the user to PCRF,
So PCRF will define the PCC policy for that particular EPS session.

If you have any other doubt please let me know

answer Oct 25, 2018 by Yuvraj Patil
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Could any give more insight on this? How exactly Dual SIM mobile uses Modem stack and how attach will happen?

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Looking at interoperability issues.
The CCRequest message sent from PGW to PCRF during attach. Does the CCA sent back from PCRF to PGW needs to have TFT info?

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In the CCA message sent by the PCRF to PGW during the Initial Attach, may have "Charging-Rule-Base-Name" Or "Charging-rule-Name". I think "Charging-rule-Name" is sent as part of the Charging-Rule-Install , where the Rule is sent from the PCRF to PGW. "Charging-Rule-Base-Name" is sent as part of the preinstalled rules in the PGW.

Now the question is if the PCRF is getting integrated to thirdparty PGW. In this case how PCRF knows about the names installed in the PGW ?

thanks a lot for the responses and hints

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Getting confused about PCRF why it is required as it looks that all functionality can be done at PGW, can someone provide more details why PCRF.

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