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Keywords: Freshers - Java - C++ - C - Testing - PHP - SQL - Linux - .NET - JavaScript - J2EE
Locations: Bangalore - Mumbai - Delhi - Chennai - Kolkata - Hyderabad - Pune
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LTE 5G Software Architect at Radisys India Pvt Ltd

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Company Name

Radisys India Pvt Ltd


Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Job Type


Min Experience

12 Yr

Max Experience

15 Yr
  • 12 - 15 years of experience
  • Responsible for development of 4G and 5G RAN products in Mobility Engine Business Unit.
  • Developing a good understanding of business needs, end customer requirements, requirements development, with a good understanding of CRAN solutions for deployment with Tier-1 operators.
  • Responsible for architecture of end to end deployable 4G/5G RAN solutions
  • Develops detailed product requirements based on prior product experience and customer inputs
  • Reviews detailed design and validation plan
  • Interacts with product management, pre-sales and sales/account teams for aligning product features to customer needs.
  • Interacts with potential and new customers for new project opportunities and contributes to technical proposals
  • Works with Sales/PLM in leading customer interactions
  • Contributes to technical proposals and pre-sales estimations
  • Works across multiple Business Units to develop new business opportunities
  • Strong system design and architecture definition capabilities
  • Expertise in LTE/5G RAN technology
  • Excellent understanding and insight in 3GPP 4G and 4G specifications (RAN and core network)
  • Solid experience in wireless LTE/5G product development
  • Extensive experience in deploying and supporting wireless solutions with operators
  • Hands-on experience and expertise in estimating medium or large size projects
  • Deep insight of Unix like operating systems
  • Knowledge and hands-on experience in performance optimization techniques and tools
  • Knowledge of architectural and design patterns
  • Good appreciation of software engineering principles
  • Exposure to pre-sales or business development activities

Ability drive face to face meetings and teleconference calls

How to Apply:

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posted Oct 9, 2018 by Ravi Bhushan Yadav

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Skill requisites :

• Candidate is well versed with development languages and environment like C/C++ ( very Important ) , Unix, Linux and possess knowledge about multithreading, inter-process communication mechanisms
• Candidate must have mandatory small cell development & commercial deployment experience and involved in resolving problems at systems level.
• Must have 8+ years of experience.

Considerable and Demonstrated Experience in :
• Design and Development of features in Small Cell at application or Protocol Level( knowhow of LTE Small Cells)
• Possess deployment experience or have witnessed the issues arising from trials and fields

Technical Skills:

• Working knowledge and understanding of the 3GPP RAN specifications
• Well versed in LTE & UMTS Access Side Protocols - RRC, RLC, MAC, PDCP
• Preferable to have knowledge on Core Network side and corresponding protocols &; RANAP, Iuh, GTP, RTP, IuUP
• Experience on both Control and User Plane on Small Cell
• Tools knowledge: Version Systems( SVN), Code Coverage (Purify, Purecov, Valgrind), Memory Leak Tools (Insure, Valgrind), Makefile and build systems, Continuous Integration with Jenkins

  • 12 - 15 years of experience in telecom industry on product requirements, development and deployment.
  • Liaising with Customers and understanding systems, deployment and operations requirements.
  • Working with Customers, Pre-Sales, PLM, CTO and Engineering to drive systems solution and architecture.
  • Guiding engineering team to create performance benchmark, data sheets, use cases and application notes.
  • Guiding engineering team to choose solution options from open source community for specific customer requirements.
  • Participate in the implementation, review and validation / deployment of important software modules, sub-modules or solutions in collaboration with engineering team and Customers.
  • Responsible for design and development of features in EPC network elements (MME, SGW, PGW) for a pioneer customer in Professional Services BU.
  • Good understanding of general LTE technology and evolving specifications, understand customer requirements, contribute in product quality as per internal and customer’s quality requirements.
  • Exposure to contemporary software engineering methods and processes
  • Strong hands-on experience in C/C++ software development for telecommunications and networking software.
  • Strong software troubleshoot and debugging skills
  • Strong OOAD and problem solving skills.
  • Good familiarity GNU toolchain over Linux platform.
  • Good understanding of multi-threading, IPC, memory management and other OS level concepts.
  • Knowledge of IPv4/IPv6 networking and transport layer protocols such as TCP/UDP/SCTP.
  • Knowledge of telecom protocols like S1AP, NAS, Diameter, Radius, GTPC etc
  • Knowledge of Virtualization and Cloud technologies (VMWare, KVM etc.).
  • Knowledge of 3GPP mobile packet core network technology, especially 3GPP LTE/3G nodes, interfaces and standards.
  • Exposure to one or more telecom networks and technologies like GSM, 3G, LTE, IMS, 5G, IoT, CUPS, etc.
  • Hands on development experience in LTE core network nodes like MME, SGW, PGW, CSGN, ePDG, SGSN, GGSN etc.

Knowledge of high-available, fault-tolerant and large-scale distributed telecom software systems

Contact Us
+91 9880187415
#280, 3rd floor, 5th Main
6th Sector, HSR Layout
Karnataka INDIA.