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LTE (Small Cell) Development Architect / Tech Lead

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Job Type

Not Specified

Min Experience

0 Yr

Max Experience

20 Yr

Skill requisites :

• Candidate is well versed with development languages and environment like C/C++ ( very Important ) , Unix, Linux and possess knowledge about multithreading, inter-process communication mechanisms
• Candidate must have mandatory small cell development & commercial deployment experience and involved in resolving problems at systems level.
• Must have 8+ years of experience.

Considerable and Demonstrated Experience in :
• Design and Development of features in Small Cell at application or Protocol Level( knowhow of LTE Small Cells)
• Possess deployment experience or have witnessed the issues arising from trials and fields

Technical Skills:

• Working knowledge and understanding of the 3GPP RAN specifications
• Well versed in LTE & UMTS Access Side Protocols - RRC, RLC, MAC, PDCP
• Preferable to have knowledge on Core Network side and corresponding protocols &; RANAP, Iuh, GTP, RTP, IuUP
• Experience on both Control and User Plane on Small Cell
• Tools knowledge: Version Systems( SVN), Code Coverage (Purify, Purecov, Valgrind), Memory Leak Tools (Insure, Valgrind), Makefile and build systems, Continuous Integration with Jenkins

How to Apply:

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About Company

Bangalore R&D Center of a multi billion dollor Telecom MNC.
posted Mar 20, 2014 by Ashok Singh

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