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Fingerprint Reader Shock

0 votes

I have a poco f1 mobile. When i connect this phone to my computer i get a lite shock which doesn't effect me but there is shock like feeling. When i keep my finger on the reciever i feel like a lite shock (K think the shock is 20% of the real electricity shock). I have connected redmi 3s, redmi 5a and redmi 4 to the same computer but nothing happens.

Is this a device fault? Why is this happenig only to my phone?

This doesn't happen if i do the following things:-
1)When i charge my phone using charger nothing happens.
2)if i run my computer using UPS nothing happens. This happens only if i connect to power socket.
3)i have connected this phone to my friend's computer and nothing happens.
4)Redmi 5a, Redmi 4, And Redmi 3s has USB cable and POCO F1 has Type "C" Cable. Only my Poco F1 gets shock, might be due to the cable differences.


posted Sep 6, 2018 by Shashi Vardhan Reððy

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