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Authentication with finger print reader on Fedora Lenovo T530 laptop

0 votes

I am using Fedora 21 with GNOME Shell 3.14.2 in a Lenovo T530 laptop. Is there anyway that I can configure the finder print reader in the laptop to login to GNOME and to authenticate for other operations, such as git push etc ?

posted May 25, 2015 by anonymous

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1 Answer

+1 vote

If your fingerprint reader is supported, you can configure it in System Settings > Users and for your user it should be there (I'm currently not on gnome desktop to tell you how exactly it is named, but easy to find if supported/displayed), I have older T400 with fingerprint reader which is supported, and it works fine.

Also if you want to find out more, tools/libs are fprintd / libfprint (or similar), also check thinkwiki

answer May 25, 2015 by Ahmed Patel
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I have a complex firewall setup running on an older version of Fedora, and I'd like to upgrade to RHEL7 or recent Fedora. Unfortunately, I can't really do what I need using firewalld, so two questions:

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