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TFT and QFI handing in UPF?

+1 vote

Why will the UPF node in 5g need to add both TFT and QFI? Could you please explain from the End to End perspective from UE to UPF and application.

Also helpful to know the significance of RDI and RQI fields...

posted Aug 16, 2018 by Pdk

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LTE network uses GTP-U based interface between eNodeB and SGW to transport user data, Is 5G network going to similar GTP based user plane between NG-RAN and UPF ?

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While going through specifications, I came to know about various services offered by UPF. I want to know how vendors are going implement UPF for the next generation core network ? UPF has few interfaces towards other nodes such as Session Management Function (SMF), 5G RAN and external world.

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