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What is PDCP configuration for SRB1 and 2 ?

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What is PDCP configuration for SRB1 and 2 ?
posted Apr 11, 2018 by Jaganathan

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1 Answer

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eNodeB will not provide any PDCP configuration for SRB 1 and 2.
In general as per the RRC specification, while establishing DRB's eNodeB will provide the below configurations:-
rlc-mode, ROHC profile, integrity protection flag, PDU discard timer and sequence number bit length etc..

But for SRB's by default PDCP has the below configuration as per the PDCP specification:-
rlc-mode(AM), Integrity Protection enabled, and fixed 5 bit sequence number bit length.

answer Apr 12, 2018 by Manohar
Does this default PDCP configuration included PDCP-discard timer ?
packet time based discard mechanism is introduced in PDCP Buffer Management Scheme.Packets are time stamped upon their arrival to the PDCP buffer. Waiting time of packets in the PDCP buffer is monitored at the MAC scheduling data sending trigger events. All the packets which exceed the maximum limit of waiting time are discarded and packets which are in sequence next are sent to the RLC layer for the transmission over the Uu interface. With the help of this scheme a precise upper bound on PDCP buffering delay can be achieved. Discard timer mechanism is applied independently on PDCP buffer on each bearer.
So i think the PDCP-discard timer will applicable for both SRB & DRB.
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