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How does an eNB gets connected to application layer in MTC?

+1 vote

Using SCS and MTC-IWF we can know there is a connection provided by indirect method, but need to know how come it provides in detail?

posted Dec 24, 2017 by Balagopal 24

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Say e.g ENB given some random preamble to UE1 to do RACH, but in -case same preamble is selected by UE2(preamble given to UE 1) and doing RACH .
In the above scenario ENB will not give any CRM message to UE's so how contention will be resolved for UE2?

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MTC(machine type communication) has max TB size restriction in LTE but no where they mentioned about RB restriction ,can i use low MCS and more RB for the MAX TB size?In this case why do we need TB size restriction however i am scheduling more TB ?

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How ever ENB will send either BI or RAPID in RAR, then if ENB sends only RAPID then how ue gets BI to apply for rach failure ?

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As per my knowledge MAC CE is used to activate CA Scell's, will they use same to activate SENB's Scells

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