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GIT: Spurious warning when moving a file in presence of submodules

+1 vote

I'm getting this warning:

warning: Could not find section in .gitmodules where path=XXX

whenever I use "git mv" to move a file in a repository containing a submodule. The file is outside the submodule and is completely unrelated, so I do not understand the intent of the warning.

My understanding (without looking at the code in detail) is that Git tries to be clever about submodule renames, hence checks whether the source file is a submodule. But then if the lookup fails, it should just silently move on to "normal file move" mode I guess...

posted Oct 11, 2013 by Kumar Mitrasen

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I can also see that

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If I merge another branch, which contains modification of the plugin, git will report error, looks like:

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This is not bad, however, the unfinished merge action will not revert by git, a lot of changes produced in repository. Usually it makes me crazy, even worse, some of my partners are not good at using git. Of course, this problem can be avoided by quit Unity, but not every time we can remember. In my opinion, git should revert the unfinished action when the error occurred, not just stop.

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