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LTE: What is the advantage of using kernel level gtp encapsulation and de-capsulation for user plane at SGW and PGW ?

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Implementation of user plane processing at the user space of node is time consuming and cpu intensive. Is there any library/solution available through which GTP encapsulation/de-capsulation can be done at kernel level to reduce delay ?

posted Dec 21, 2017 by Ganesh

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LTE network uses GTP-U based interface between eNodeB and SGW to transport user data, Is 5G network going to similar GTP based user plane between NG-RAN and UPF ?

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I have REST based interface to SDN controller (OpenDaylight) through which I want to enable GTP-U encapsulation and de-capsulation for an UE based on UE IP address. What all things I need to do and how ?

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GTP tunnel id is a 32-bit long value over one IP address combination. Suppose there are two nodes A and B which has IP addresses X and Y respectively. Is it possible when first GTP tunnel id range gets exhausted then both the nodes starts using different IP address combination and again GTP tunnel id range can be re-used ? If it is impossible then what could be the reason ?

+1 vote

I recently come across advantages of SCTP over TCP and In telecommunication most of the real time interfaces require SCTP connection example eNB to MME.

But MME to SGW and SGW to PGW GTP-C is used as signaling protocol. Why SCTP not being used? What is the advantage of using GTP-C?

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I heard a new term CUPS and did some googling and came to know about this term. CUPS stands for control and user plane segregation. In LTE network, control and user planes both are used as a single node. In LTE network, SGW does buffering of any incoming data for and SGW node was doing buffering when UE in RRC-IDLE mode. I can understand control part would be same as GTP-C but how user plane of 5G network would be implemented ? Does the 3GGP standard talk about implementation of user plane ? Would it be GTP based or something else ?

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