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Capturing RRC messages using wireshark

+2 votes

I want to capture lte protocol stack messages for RLC,PDCP,MAC,RRC PDUs can any one help in integrating this feature with wireshark....

1> After getting a UDP packet of stack I decoded as LTE-RRC directly but its showing wrong because all other layer header is not extracted ...

posted Oct 11, 2013 by anonymous

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RRC is already supported IN wireshark. Now as your requirement is you want to skip the lower layer headers i.e. PDCP/RLC/MAC so you may need to change rrc_dissector function (name can be different) and recompile the wireshark.
As we dont have RF so we are just sending packets through UDP from MAC/PHY ...

So i am clicking that packet and applying decode as then it is only having only option as lte-rrc though in preference setting of wireshark MAC-LTE,RLC-LTE,PDCP-LTE is present.

When i am directly decoding that packet as lte-rrc it is showing wrong too may be the reason it is a MAC/PHy packet and without removing those headers for MAC,RLC,PDCP i am decoding as RRC.

I also did in another way i encoded and RRC message and got that buffer and written an UDP server-client program(NOTE : -it is not going through any other layer here ) and sent that packet directly and decoded as lte-rrc still it is directly decoding as DL_CCCH channel i am thinking there may be he is unable to determine with what logical channel it has to decode....

can u tell where i am wrong ...

1 Answer

+1 vote

You can try to write the private dissector, look at is apparently the "best manual" for dissector development. Take a look, and decide for yourself.

Skip the lower layer headers and then proceed with RRC Processing.

answer Oct 13, 2013 by Salil Agrawal
How i can skip the lower layer in case of wireshark...the packet (UDP) will be containing all lower layer header...until and unless i dont remove other lower layer header it can not decode for rrc.

To decode for rrc i have to remove all lower headers(MAC,RLC,PDCP) header how can i remove those headers....and give rrc-pdu for decoding purpose....

That's what the whole point, you need to skip the lower layer header and then proceed. Unfortunately no other way to achieve this.
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