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What is the meaning of solicited application reporting?

+2 votes

What is the meaning of solicited application reporting?
I have seen in Gx spec 29212,under Sd Reference
"NOTE 1: For the Solicited application reporting, only CC-Request-Type equal to UPDATE_REQUEST and TERMINATION_REQUEST are used.
NOTE 2: Framed-IP-address and Framed-IPv6-Prefix AVPs are applicable only for the Unsolicited Application Reporting."

posted Jan 11 by Aahan Mozumdar

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1 Answer

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I am not expert in Diameter based protocol or 3GPP defined various Diameter based applications. But I have some level of understanding and would like to try answer your query.
There is concept of traffic detection function (TDF) at PCEF side. It can detect various events specific to a particular application such as start/stop of an application. TDF takes Application Detection and Control (ADC) as input. These ADCs can be configured at TDF by using following two methods under the solicited application reporting:
1. Dynamic ADC : In this method, PCRF configures ADCs dynamically at the TDF/PCEF through Credit-Control-Answer (CCA) , (Re-Auth-Request) RAR or TDF-Session-Request (TSR) messages.
2. Pre-defined ADC: In this method, ADCs will be pre-defined at TDF/PCEF and PCRF node activates/deactivates ADCs at TDF. To optimize the number of activation and de-activation message exchange, group of ADCs can be created. This way PCRF can activate/deactivate a group of ADCs together.
This is the way of solicited application reporting by using the ADC-Rule-Report AVP in the CCR message. CC-Request-Type AVP would carry either UPDATE_REQUEST or TERMINATION_REQUEST within the CCR message.

Since CC-Request-Type AVP can be either UPDATE_REQUEST/TERMINATION REQUEST, Framed-IP-Address AVP might be included in case of TERMINATION_REQUEST because Framed-IP-Address AVP is included in the CCR message when either IP address is allocated or released. As part of TERMINATION_REQUEST request, IP address can be released but not sure for the UPDATE_REQUEST that IP address can be allocated.

answer Jan 16 by Harshita
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I was going through rfc3588 and could not understand when a Diameter Server/Agent adds Error-Reporting -Host AVP within the answer message.

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Hi ,
How Reporting-Reason AVP reporting is decided by GGSN/P-GW in Gy Interface.
There are different Reporting-Reason AVP parameters are present. My doubt is let say at same time Quota_Exhausted and Validity_Time got expired , so how GGSN/P-GW will choose which parameter need to be reported to OCS.
Is their any priority or ordering concepts?

Appreciate your help.


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Are there any benefits from adding a randomized value to CCA Validity-Time in order to reduce reporting storm to PCEF for voice calls. I think there is for non - duration grants - i.e data since number of data sessions are larger than voice calls.

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Also what are the rules for populating those AVPs (in the RFC it is not clear when to use each one of the option)?

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Can anybody tell me why use the string "apX" for the application identifiers in RFC6408? Why not use some kind of acronym for them?

E.g., Can I change 'aaaapX' in the following "(S-NAPTR) Application Service Tag" registry table

 | Tag | Diameter Application | 
 | aaaap1 | NASREQ [RFC3588 [1]] | 
 | aaaap2 | Mobile IPv4 [RFC4004 [2]] | 

as "aaaaconym" as follows: 
 | Tag | Diameter Application | 
 | aaanasreq | NASREQ [RFC3588 [3]] | 
 | aaamip4 | Mobile IPv4 [RFC4004 [4]] | 
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