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Lead Ruby Developer (London) at Show My Homework

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JOB TITLE: Lead Developer - Full Stack Ruby on Rails
REMUNERATION: Competitive Salary + Equity
JOB TYPE: Full-time
LOCATION: Farringdon (London)
APPLY: Send CV to


Show My Homework is one of the fastest growing companies in the ICT for education sector. Our product is unrivalled in the marketplace and as a result we are rapidly expanding. This is an amazing opportunity to join a business that is in the relatively early stages of growth, yet has already built a dazzling reputation in the industry.

We are looking for an individual who can not just carry out the duties laid out in the job description, but someone who will become a dedicated and valued member of our team and will put their own personal stamp on this newly created position.

There is fantastic scope for career development and great financial rewards - you just need to demonstrate commitment and a natural flair for the role, although full training and ongoing support will be given.

To learn more about Show My Homework, visit


We are seeking an ambitious full-stack web developer with deep knowledge of Ruby on Rails to join our fast growing London based startup. The position will go beyond web development and involve taking a lead role in the design, scaling and maintenance of Show My Homework’s entire technical infrastructure which is built with:

Ruby / Rails

If there are other technologies you are passionate about we want you to build a case for using them so we can integrate with our existing systems.
You will be reporting directly to our CEO and be a highly organised and efficient person that is good at multitasking and equipped with excellent IT, organisation and communication skills. This position will be based full-time at our London office on Clerkenwell Road (White Bear Yard)

Hiring great new talent for our expanding dev team
Managing the tech team day to day
Shaping (with management) the direction of the product -- determining which features to include, what to release when, etc.
Implementation and testing
Working with Customer Support to address any technical issues faced by customers
Support design and management of development roadmap
Flexible to demands on time and challenges as required.

Significant experience in Ruby and have worked with modern web framework Rails.
Awareness of the full web stack. You live and breathe HTTP, feel comfortable optimising SQL queries, and have a good understanding of HTML 5, CSS & JavaScript.
Have built and scaled web services to perform while serving hundreds of thousands of users.
Are excited by the world of technology startups. You're a self-starter looking for responsibility and a place where you can make an impact.
Good project management and leadership skills.
Ability to work in fast-paced environments with frequent releases.
Proactive with creative and effective approaches to problem solving
Understanding and interest of the latest web technology
Good communication and interpersonal skills.
Able to quickly learn and master new skills.
Communicate fluently in English.
Experience building an API

Good team player
Ability to perform under pressure
Passionate about education
Highly motivated and willing to go the extra mile when needed

posted Oct 10, 2013 by anonymous

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Position Description: Ruby on Rails Developer
Compensation: Competitive compensation package commensurate with qualifications and experience

1.Develop web applications for clients within the Ruby on Rails web application framework
2.Participate in other internal company projects in support of client needs

Experience & Qualifications:

  • One to three years general programming experience Experience in web development using the Ruby on Rails web application framework At least one year of Ruby on Rails programming experience Thorough understanding of the philosophy and design of Ruby on Rails Desktop publishing skills: HTML, xHTML, CSS.

Knowledge of:
- JavaScript and JavaScript libraries: jQuery, MooTools, Prototype, etc.
- Unix and Linux systems o Relational databases: Postgres, etc.
- Frameworks:Active record, Merb, Datamapper
- Technologies: Mootools, Lucene, Solr o Servers: Montgrel, Webrick, Nginx

  • BS in a computer science related discipline Proficiency in English strongly preferred Proactive and resourceful person who achieves with minimal oversight