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Could paging be triggered for UEs in RRC connected state ?

+1 vote
Could paging be triggered for UEs in RRC connected state ?
posted Oct 7, 2013 by Vikram Singh

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1 Answer

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Yes ,UE in RRC Connected mode could be paged to signal a CMAS (Commercail Mobile Alert Service) notification

answer Oct 7, 2013 by Nehal
I have one related query "what is the use case of CMAS" service. can you please elaborate using any real life scenario.
CMAS is a public-safety alerting system, lets owners of enabled mobile devices receive text-like message alerts for imminent threats to safety, depending on the subscriber's geographical location. This service works wherever a user goes and does not require prior knowledge of pin/zip codes or advanced registration.

This new communication system assures emergency alerts will not become congested in highly populated areas, which occurs with standard mobile voice and texting services, particularly in times of crisis.

How does the CMAS alert system work?
Authorized local, state or national government officials send notifications concerning public-safety emergencies — for example, tornado warnings or terrorism alerts — to CMAS. Then, CMAS validates the alert, authorizes the sender and sends the message to participating wireless carriers. Wireless carriers deliver the alerts from their cell towers to CMAS-enabled mobile devices in the affected area. These alerts will be displayed on devices in a manner similar to a text message.

The technology involved in the alert system offers distinctive features to subscribers that are not available through conventional alerting systems. These features include:

Location Targeting: The CMAS alerts are broadcast to a geographically targeted area, and follow users where ever they go. Therefore any person with a CMAS capable cell phone in active alert area would receive a message, regardless of where they call home. The CMAS system does not need to know your phone number. For example, a wireless customer from Chicago visiting downtown New York City would receive a CMASalert, if there was an active threat in the New York City area. However, while that subscriber is in New York City, he/she will NOT receive alerts targeted in Chicago.

Covers Only Critical Emergency Alerts: The CMAS system will only
broadcast three types of alerts: 1) Alerts issued by the President; 2) Alerts concerning life-threatening risks; and 3) AMBER Alerts.

Automated Registration: Assuming customers have a CMAS-enabled mobile device and are current subscribers with a participating wireless provider, they will be registered automatically for this service. Participating carriers may provide the option for subscribers to block all alerts, except those issued by the President.

Free Alerts: Customers will not be charged for receiving CMAS alerts.

Distinct Alert Sound and Vibration: CMAS alerts will be accompanied by a unique alert sound and vibration, so it can accommodate hearing-impaired and visually-impaired subscribers.
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