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How to convert single to multiple columns in Informatica?

+1 vote

how to convert single to multiple columns, please any body know this answer please tell me, if you have video send me please

posted May 27, 2014 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

What u have is a single column and multiple rows and you want to convert them to multiple column.

Before transformation


After Transformation

a b c

You can use normalizer for the same i.e. Source Qualifier->Normalizer->Expression->Aggregator->Target Definition (For more detail please look at the )

answer May 27, 2014 by Salil Agrawal
Similar Questions
+1 vote

I have a source with multiple columns -
minA, maxA, minB, maxB, minC, maxC, minD, maxD

and I have 2 columns in target min values, max values. How can i put the min values of elements in min values of target and same with max?

+2 votes

I want to load multiple columns data into single column in informatica.

+1 vote

I have a scenario wherein the data is present in just single row. with multiple columns. The number of columns may extend if new record is inserted.

name city name city name city name city......
N1 C1 N2 C2 N3 C3 N4 C4.....

i want to write the output of this data to a fixed width flat file through informatica like below:

N1 C1
N2 C2
N3 C3
N4 C4

Please suggest..

+1 vote

I have data in table A as below

Assetid   attribute   value
    1546    Ins_date   05062011
    1546    status     active
    1546    X          10.4567
    1546    Y          27.56
    1546    size       17
    675     X          4.778
    675     Y          53.676
    675     depth      5
    675     st_date    06092010

I have data as above in table A. This table has many Assetids 1546,675,....etc. attributes might vary for assets.

I want output as below:

assetid  ins_date  status  X        Y       Size  depth  st_date
1546     05062011  active  10.4567  27.56   17    null   null
675      null      null    4.778    53.676  null  5      06092010

I have created Stored procedure, then called in Informatica to achieve this output. However, since i have large volume of data, it is taking much time to load.

Please suggest me other easy and best way to load it.

0 votes

My source data is :

ID TimingID Timingtype
1 100 supplier
1 102 dealer
1 103 dealer
2 200 xyz
2 205 abc

I want my target to be like this :
ID T1_TimingID T1_Timingtype T2_TimingID T2_Timingtype T3_TimingID T23_Timingtype
1 100 supplier 102 dealer 103 dealer
2 200 xyz 205 abc null null

Kindly suggest.

Sandeep Nanda

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