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What are the layout controls available in Xamarin.Forms?

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What are the layout controls available in Xamarin.Forms?
posted Oct 10, 2017 by Jdk

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1 Answer

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StackLayout – used to arrange views linearly, either horizontally or vertically. Views in a StackLayout can be aligned to the center, left or right of the layout.

AbsoluteLayout – used to arrange views by setting coordinates & size in terms of absolute values or ratios. AbsoluteLayout can be used to layer views as well as anchor them to the left, right or center.

RelativeLayout – used to arrange views by setting constraints relative to their parent's dimensions & position.

Grid – used to arrange views in a grid. Rows and columns can be specified in terms of absolute values or ratios.

FlexLayout – used to arrange views horizontally or vertically with wrapping.

ScrollView – used to provide scrolling when a view can't fit entirely within the bounds of the screen.

LayoutOptions – define alignment and expansion for a view, relative to its parent.

Input Transparency – specifies whether an element receives input.

Margin and Padding – demonstrates how to control layout behavior when an element is rendered in the user interface.

Device Orientation – explains how to handle device orientation changes.

Layout on tablet and desktop devices – shows how to optimize for larger screens on each platform.

Bindable Layouts – enable layout classes to generate their content by binding to a collection of items.

Creating a Custom Layout – explains how to create a custom layout class.

Layout Compression – removes specified layout from the visual tree in an attempt to improve page rendering performance.

answer Mar 28 by Rushabh Verma R.
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