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Why QCI 6 , 8 and 9 bearer is serving same service?

+2 votes

For the same service why do we need different bearer ?can anyone explain this in-detail?

posted Sep 20, 2017 by Dheerendra

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Because video call involves videos and audio so does it require 2 bearer or single bearer?

+3 votes

MME sends radio bearer setup request with the same QCI twice. The Bearer ID is different but the QCI is the same and is already created. Ex:

Bid 8 QCI 4 radio bearer was created. Just before it was created, the PGW sent another Create bearer request (QCI4) due to the fact the T3 timer expired and it didn't get the Create bearer response.

So the MME send Radio bearer setup request:
Bid 9 QCI4

My question is if this is the normal behavior for the MME. It didn't check if the bearer with QCI 4 was already created.

After that, the mobile accepted the new Radio bearer and deleted the old one, as expected and explained in the 3 GPP.